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Energy Acuity's Grid Database

Company Details

We're capturing intelligence on electric utilities including IOUs, POUs, and Co-ops. Profiles include number of customers, meters, peak demand, sales, revenue, etc. 


Our research analysts are speaking directly with utility professionals to bring our customers direct intelligence on their operations, assets, and current and future plans for investments. 


Clients stay ahead of leads with our Opportunities Search, incorporating both RFPs and business opportunities identified by our research analysts through first-hand conversations. 




Company Details


3,000+ Utility Companies

Enhanced search capabilities enable subscribers to identify utilities based on number of customers, advanced meters, peak demand, sales, and revenue.

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In-Depth Profiles Provide Details on the Utility and all Operations

Each utility profile connects users to unique intelligence such as projects, technology roadmaps, locations, pricing, deals, executives, preferred partners, available RFPs, company events and news intelligence.

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6,680+ Utility Conversations

Search EA analyst conversations with utility executives by technology type. EA interviews utilities about their current budget for Operations Technologies, Information Technologies, and Grid Edge Solutions.

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Based on Interviews with 70+ Utility Companies

Analyst Notes from First-hand Conversations

Energy Acuity's research team adds Analyst Notes from first-hand conversations with utilities, providing insight on a utility's current vendors and budget for grid modernization technologies.

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Utility Opportunities

Our RFPs/Opportunities section incorporates both energy infrastructure RFPs and business opportunities that have been identified by our research analysts.

Stop Missing RFPs

Our RFP profiles provide the schedule of events and deadlines as well as project contact information so that subscribers can stay on top of the bidding process and make your intent known.

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Utility O&M Expenses


Energy Acuity tracks Operations and Maintenance expense information for most Investor-Owned Utilities. You can see how much utilities are spending annually on Distribution and Customer Service O&M.

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